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Lacy coastlines, mountains, forests, caves, rivers and stunning scenery, in combination with a mild climate, make Rhodes an ideal destination for nature lovers.

In Rhodes the nature lover has the opportunity to wander around the countless paths that bring them closer to nature and explore breathtaking landscapes and sites of unique beauty, protected by the European network Natura 2000.

  • The Valley of the Butterflies is a unique habitat of rare natural beauty and great ecological value, home to the phylum Panaxia Quadripunctaria butterfly.It is an extremely popular destination for thousands of holidaymakers on the island of Rhodes. The Valley of the Butterflies boasts of a natural environment of unequalled beauty, composed by lush vegetation and an adorable maze of gargling streams along the masterfully designed pathways throughout the area. Also to be visited in the Valley: the Museum of Natural History of the island of Rhodes, located right at the entrance of the site, where visitors have the opportunity to delve into the secrets of this unique ecosystem.

  • The slopes of mount Prophet Elias are wholly covered by pines and cypresses, rare species of shrubs and plants such as Paeonia Rhodia, and orchids (10 species grow only in Rhodes). In acknowledgement of its great monuments, beauty and uniqueness, the area starting from Kamiros and including Prophet Elias, Atavyros, Akramytis, Kymisala, Vasilikos, Fournoi and Prasonisi has has been granted a special protection status under NATURA 2000 EU program.

  • The same program provides for the protection of the marine aspects of these zones habitat and reproductive areas for the Caretta-Caretta turtles and Monachus-Monachus seals as well as asite (mostly in Prassonisi) on the route of migratory birds to and from the southern warm climates. • Throughout the island one comes across a rare species of deer known as Platoni or Dama-Dama. Hence one of Rhodes ancient names of Elafousa.

  • The artificial water reservoir of Ancient Eleousa, the modern dam at Gadouras and lake Nanoi have in themselves shaped unique landscapes, which amongst others form the habitat of the unique endemic and endangered “ghizani” (Ladigesocypris ghigii), a small fish that lives only in the fresh waters of Rhodes. In recent years, it has enjoyed the supervision and protection of specialists from the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes.

  • Equus caballus is a rare breed of pygmy horses that lived many years ago in a semi-wild state in the dense forests of the Archangelos region. Their height ranges from 0.80 to 1.20 m. Today there are no more than 10 horses of this practically extinct species, living protected by the members of the PHAETHON club in Archangelos, in a specially designed area that is open to the public.

Throughout the island of Rhodes, there are 18 marked footpaths leading nature lovers to the highlands of the island and reserve unique experiences. (link to the pdf brochure) Nature tourism is a rapidly developing trend worldwide.

Rodos offers a multitude of possibilities: Trekking, mountain biking, scuba diving and horseback riding by the sea are just a few of the organised activities that offer unique experiences for nature lovers.
Seven Springs
Seven Springs
Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley
Platoni (Dama Dama) Deer
Platoni (Dama Dama) Deer