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island of 12 months


An island of 4 seasons and 12 months  

An ancient myth has it that at the time the gods sat down to share the world, it was Helios, the Sun God who, mesmerised, saw an island so beautiful emerging from the depths of the sea, that he immediately asked Zeus if that could be his share. This island was Rhodes, a dolphin form piece of land floating in the transparent waters of the South-Eastern Aegean Sea, where the West meets East. Crowned with golden beaches, verdant hills and valleys, bathed in the sunlight of its ancient patron-god, it is a place blessed by nature, a corner of Heaven shaped on a human scale.

Inhabited since prehistoric times, the island quickly evolved into an important economic and cultural centre of the ancient Greek world. Its wealth, natural beauty and strategic location offered the Rhodians prosperity, but also attracted the mighty of each era, avidly vying to make it theirs. The Romans, the Knights of the Order of Saint John and the Ottoman Turks as well as the Italians, all have left strong traces of their presence, but did not alter the “Grecity” of the island that joined mother Greece in the aftermath of the Second World War. Mild winters and breezy summers, typical features of the Mediterranean climate, make of Rhodes an ideal place to dwell in. The island benefits from the highest number of sunny days in Europe, basking against the clearest blue skies imaginable – a characteristic having eventually inspired one of the names under which Rhodes was originally known: Aethria [cloudless, bright skies in Ancient Greek]…and so it is that the “Bride of the Sun”, combining excellent climatic conditions and top quality accommodation infrastructure for every budget, is an ideal holiday destination throughout the year.

In winter, green after the first rains, the island of Rhodes indolently settles for a period of rest for its people and its discerning visitors. It dons its holiday best and welcomes Christmas, New Year, and the Epiphany with many religious and other events deeply rooted in the Greek tradition. Through festivals and feasts, the winter, later wrapped in its Carnival costume, gradually wears out in a resplendent spring, a true explosion of colours, scents and flavours awakening the senses as nature, warming up, graceful in its resuscitation, spreads its fragrant flowers of all shades and nuances throughout the island. Before you know it, its Easter time and everything eagerly prepares to welcome the Divine Passion and Resurrection. An excellent time for the perennially hospitable locals to prepare to play host to their guests and visitors, anyone willing to be initiated to the Stations of the Divine Passion and the exuberance of Easter, through unique customs and events, everything experienced with a strong Greek flavour, ever harmoniously combining with the universal!
At Easter already, the Goddess of Spring is flirting with summer, which essentially spreads its golden wings in June and holds strong until early October, no matter how hard autumn tries to cast a rainy shadow.
Summer in Rhodes rimes with an unbelievably wide array of top-quality cultural events, featuring Greek and foreign artists of international reputation, addressed to all visitors interesting to further diversify their stay. Still, for many autumn is the sweetest time of the year. The feverish pace of life, typical of an international holiday destination like Rhodes, subsides as temperatures become more benign and sea breezes settle down to melodious murmurs of an unperturbed azure.
All year round, Rhodes the nymph, splendid and welcoming, with excellent tourist infrastructure, welcomes millions of visitors from around the world flowing in to relax, have a taste of the salty seas, feel the warm embrace of the Sun, visit its archaeological and World heritage monuments, participate in cultural events, meet hospitable people and explore the local culture.