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One TAXI association is located in Rhodes, serving the city and the island of Rhodes. TAXI stations are located in certain places in the city and central sites of other cities and villages of the island. In the city of Rhodes TAXI stations are located at: Hristoforou, Patriarch of Alexandreia, Sq. (Mandraki)

Ritsou Str. (Ano Ilioupoli)
Apostolou Pavlou Str. (Analipsi)
Ethnikis Antistaseos and Th. Sofouli Streets(“Arapaki” Parking Lot)
“Epta Vagies” Sq.
Canada and Tiliakou Streets
G. Kostaridi Sq. (Agiou Nikolaou Sq.)
Navarinou Str. (OTE Club)
October 28th and Orfanidou Str.
Aleksandrou Diakou Str. (“Thermai” Sq.)
Medieval City Sea Gate (Thalassini Pyli - Kolona)
Stokholmis and Konstantinoupoleos Streets
Rodou - Lindou Str. (IKA)
Papanikolaou Str. (“Grand Hotel”)

Central Station (Mandraki) (+30) 22410 27666
Radio Taxi (+30) 22410 64712 / 64734 / 62179

Radio Taxi for the disabled (+30) 22410 77079

Specially adjusted vehicle including driver and escort for disabled (+30) 22410 72571, (+30) 6949745436 poster available