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What time is it?                    Τι ώρα είναι?                        Ti ora ine?
What does it cost?               Πόσο κάνει?                         Poso kani?
I need a taxi                         Θέλω ταξί                             Thelo taxi
I want to go down town         Θέλω να πάω στο κέντρο    Thelo na pao sto kedro
Where is the ticket office?    Πού είναι το εκδοτήριο?       Pou ine to ekdotirio?
I would like two tickets          Θέλω δύο εισιτήρια              Thelo dio isitiria
Thank you                            Ευχαριστώ                           Efcharisto
You are welcome                  Παρακαλώ                            Parakalo
I need help                           Βοήθεια                                Voithia
I need a doctor                     Θέλω γιατρό                         Thelo giatro