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live the wedding of your dreams in Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the most popular wedding destinations and the perfect setting for your dream wedding... No matter what you are dreaming of from an idyllic wedding ceremony in one of the picturesque settings of Rhodes island, to a perfectly organised reception or a romantic honeymoon for just the two of you, Rhodes is the perfect setting for your dream wedding. Offering an excellent choice of wedding venues and with a huge range of attractions including magnificent sightseeing opportunities and stunning hotels that fringe the coastline, Rhodes combines variety to suit all preferences and budgets to ensure your special day will be one to remember for ever.


1.Do I need a licence to get married in Rhodes?
Yes, a licence is required.

2.What is the process for applying for a marriage license in Rhodes?
Your Wedding Planner will assist you with regards to obtaining this license and further information is detailed below. For weddings in Greece, you will need to produce the DOCUMENTS LISTED BELOW (as applicable to you).These then need to be legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and they will then be forwarded to the Wedding Planner on your behalf (see below). Please note that only original documents or certified copies are acceptable. Copies of documents can be certified by a solicitor in the UK.

3.PASSPORT – Compulsory: Both the bride and groom must be in possession of a 10 year British passport. Non-British passport holders MUST notify us at first contact.

FULL LENGTH BIRTH CERTIFICATE – Compulsory: Both the bride and groom must produce an original full length Birth Certificate showing the names of both parents.The short version of the Birth Certificate is not acceptable in Greece.

CERTIFICATE OF NO IMPEDIMENT – Compulsory: Both the bride and groom must obtain a Certificate of No Impediment as legal proof that they are free to marry.This document is issued by your local Registry Office and must not be dated more that 3 months prior to your wedding date. DECREE ABSOLUTE – If applicable: If either the bride or groom has been divorced, she/he must produce an original Decree Absolute.This must carry a coloured court stamp.

DEED POLL CERTIFICATE – If applicable: If either the bride or groom has effected a change of name for any reason (including personal reasons, remarriage of a parent or if the bride reverted to her maiden name after divorcing), a Deed Poll Certificate must be produced.This document must be stamped and signed by a solicitor and must include the solicitor’s practice name and address plus the full name of the solicitor who witnessed the change of name.

WRITTEN CONSENT FOR UNDER 18’s – If applicable: If either the bride or groom is under the age of 18 years, written consent from parents/guardians must be supplied to us with the Application for Marriage form.

ADOPTION CERTIFICATE – If applicable: If either the bride or groom has been adopted, an Adoption Certificate must be produced.

DEATH CERTIFICATE – If applicable: If either the bride or groom has been previously widowed, a Death Certificate must be produced.

LEGALISATION OF DOCUMENTS – All the documents required for your civil wedding in Greece must be legalised by the FCO (www.fco.co.uk).It is your responsibility to ensure that this has been done before any documents are forwarded to us.The FCO charges £30* (as time of going to print) per document.

TRANSLATION OF DOCUMENTS – For civil weddings in Greece, all required documents must be translated into Greek.To make it easier and more economical for you, we have negotiated a special rate in-resort for the translation of standard documents (Birth Certificates, Certificates of No Impediment and Marriage Certificates*) and this has been included in the official paperwork cost relating to your destination.Any extra documents required can be translated at a supplement (cost will be confirmed to you at the time of booking). Important: Please be aware that none of the documents sent overseas can be returned to you as they need to be kept by the local authorities.

Upon your arrival in Greece, your Wedding Co-ordinator will assist you to complete the various procedures and make the necessary appointments.These include:

  • A visit to the Registry Office to register your intent to marry
  • A return visit to the Registry Office after your wedding

4.Is a blood test required?
No, a blood test is not required.

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