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Rhodes has a long and glorious tradition in sport. From the first Olympic Games of antiquity, Rodian athletes have excelled. Diagoras and many members of his family were renowned Olympic champions. The Ancient Stadium bore witness to many athletic triumphs from Rodian’s of antiquity, including achievements during the Aleia Games dedicated to Helios, the sun god.

Many significant athletic events have been organised or hosted in Rodos. Amongst them are the International Cycling Tour of Rhodes (UCI), the International Beach Volleyball (FIVB), the World Triathlon Cup Competition (ITU), the World Standing Volley Tournament (‘03), (WOVD) and the Special Olympics (‘04). These examples represent a mere fraction of the many quality sporting events in Rhodes.

Rhodes in July 2007, hosted the Nat West Island Games X11 Rhodes 2007, with the participation of 3500 athletes from 25 islands, from around the world.They competed in 14 sports events at 38 venues throughout the island.

Hosting games and athletic events of international caliber offered Rhodes an excellent opportunity to develop new facilities, refurbish existing ones, obtain new sports equipment and acquire invaluable organization skills.

As a result, Rhodes now has the infrastructure and the capability to host major athletic events as well as to offer the potential for training of both individual athletes and teams, in a variety of sports.

Athletic facilities in Rhodes include a modern 400m, 8 lane athletics track, a number of indoor wooden-floor sports halls, several green-set tennis courts, an archery field having all thenecessary equipment including chronometers, football pitches of natural and synthetic surfaces, table tennis equipment and a new, indoor air gun shooting range.

In summary, Rhodes has the facilities and equipment available for the following sports.

Beach Volley
Sailing and Windsurfing
Table tennis
Tae Kwo Do) and Ziu Zitsu
Crawling and Canoe
Equestrian, jumping & dressage

as well as the organisational skills necessary to host major athletic events.

Furthermore, the excellent climate, the uniqueness of the natural environment, the ambience of the town and the quality accommodation, it’s easy to acknowledge that Rhodes has the capability to host major events and the preparation of athletic teams in these sports.

 For further information please contact us at rodiga@otenet.gr & protour@rodosisland.gr
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