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Pan-European initiative for the reconstruction of the Colossus of Rhodes

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  This project originates from the ideas, the expectations and the hopes of some young professionals coming from various European countries: Greece, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom. The determined aim is very ambitious: to rebuild the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, taking into consideration the modern standards. It would not simply represent the highest structure ever built but it would also become an enormous museum, higher than 150 meters, designated to host thousands of archeological products, now abandoned beneath layers of dusty unawareness into the island's Storages.

The aim of the project is not to propose a copy of the original, bronze, 40 meters high structure, but to arouse the same emotions that visitors felt, more than 2200 years ago. These emotions were much stronger, considering that people of that age were used to buildings of 5, maximum 10 meters of height. Obviously, in a period in which people live and work in skyscrapers, the first impact is not as surprising as in ancient times and the project must be unique to make them feel the same feelings.
This 150 meters-high structure is born to be a museum, a cultural center, a library but, most of all, must regain its original function: a giant lighthouse, a point of reference for boats in the night, which project a light that can be seen more than 56 km away in open sea, even from the coasts of Turkey.
The project consists in a construction which exploits the most recent technologies, sustainable, smart and majestic at the same time.
Its “skin” will be covered with solar panels, providing 100% autonomy: the God of Sun which lives only thanks to solar energy.

The creation of internal open spaces is obtained not with “normal” storages, but with a certain “visual freedom” which enables visitors to admire the enormous space and the central core of the structure. These architectural statements are precious and useful for the air conditioning system and provide a massive reduction of energy consumption, in spite of what could happen in a “closed space”.

The shape of the lower structure, slight and stable from the basis to the central core of the probe, is that of a tripod, upon which the central column of superior storages stands.
The project presents just one only structure in order to respond to the solicitations of wind and earthquakes. The articulation center of gravity allows to control the dynamic reaction to the solicitations that could happen in this area.

Source: http://colossusrhodes.com