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Rodos at EMITT2013

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Rodos participation in the International Tourism Fair EMITT 2013


The participation of Rodos Tourism Promotion Organization in collaboration with the Region of South Aegean in EMITT 2013 in Istanbul was completed with great success. The attendance of Turkish tourism companies was large and very important to the island of Rodos.

 The Chef Club of Rodos offered to the public local dishes and delicacies thus promoting local products, thus giving the rodian stand a special touch.

The contacts of the officials of the Organization, headed by the President and the Vice President of Hotel Association Rodos, had positive results, since the trends were apparent for cooperation as well as the intention to resolve key issues, such VISA. Among the contacts, the rescheduling of airline Rhodes-Heraklion-Istanbul by Blue Airways in cooperation with the Turkish tourist offices was included, and after fruitful discussions during the exhibition it seems that will start flying in June2013.

Rodos Tourism Promotion Organization was satisfied for having successful bilateral tourism cooperation with the neighboring country, which seemed to acquire fertile ground during the international tourism exhibition in Istanbul, after the considerable efforts of the representatives of the South Aegean Region, and the executives of Rodos Tourism promotion Organization.

 It is worth noting that both the implementation of the workshop held in Antalya in 2011, and the official event in Istanbul in 2012, where local government and productive classes of the respective regions participated, was the beginning of founding their current positive course of our professional relations.